Hydraulic Cylinder Ram

Rebuild Service! Volvo Penta Late Style SX-M DPS-M Hydraulic Trim Ram Cylinder

Rebuild Service! Volvo Penta Late Style SX-M DPS-M Hydraulic Trim Ram Cylinder
Rebuild Service! Volvo Penta Late Style SX-M DPS-M Hydraulic Trim Ram Cylinder
Rebuild Service! Volvo Penta Late Style SX-M DPS-M Hydraulic Trim Ram Cylinder
Rebuild Service! Volvo Penta Late Style SX-M DPS-M Hydraulic Trim Ram Cylinder

Rebuild Service! Volvo Penta Late Style SX-M DPS-M Hydraulic Trim Ram Cylinder   Rebuild Service! Volvo Penta Late Style SX-M DPS-M Hydraulic Trim Ram Cylinder

This is not a unit for sale but a Professional Rebuild Service of your unit. Please send your unit to: Five Star Marine at 6902 Industrial Ave, Port Richey FL 34668. When your unit fails you have usually 3 options. Send your unit to Five Star Marine and have it rebuilt by the.

On all of our rebuilds. We do the highest quality work in this field hands down. Every unit goes a threw a. Full Remanufacturing Process that will outlast a New Unit. Using only the highest quality Seals, Fluids & Sealants available.

Your standard trim unit is only. Designed to last 10-15 Years. After that the manufactures are hoping to sell you a new unit if not sell you the same junky seals they used the first time that failed.

A properly Rebuilt unit from Five Star Marine should last 20-30 Years depending on your environment in which you run the boat. We Are The Best In The Business For Trim Units. We have been specialized in this field for years and have made a great name for ourselves in the marine community from. Weve helped boaters from all over the globe.

Trim and Tilt units are very complicated pieces of equipment and anyone with a spanner wrench can change a seal but thats just a patch job. It is very hard for your local shop to properly clean and service the internals of these units and both polish everything inside and out to insure a long life.

We believe repairs should only be done once and thats our goal. We work for you and although we cant make everyone happy its our mission to provide you with the. If we cant fix your unit we will help find you a core/used unit or get you the best wholesale price on a new unit through our connections. We use our own seals manufactured to our specific specifications instead of the OEM, the manufactures are great but they arent stupid and they have shareholders to please and planned obsolescence is in full effect when it comes to trim units.

We have manufactured seals with better sealing properties and much better Oxidation, UV, Fuel & Chemical resistance. Materials like Viton and High Grade Urethanes. These materials can cost up to 15 times more than standard OEM seals. But is a drop in the bucket compared to the overall cost of these units.

We do not cut corners and we are proud to break the viscous cycle by taking the customers side and not short sided profit. A seal is only as good as the surface it rides on. To often to we see sand paper scratches on the thin chrome plating of these rams. Even surface pitting can be buffed out and smoothed but we have a more subtle approach that makes for a mirror finish but can only be achieved by heavy duty buffing machines.

We have several of them the. First stage rounds out any sharp imperfections and levels the surface smoother than the OEM. The second is a polishing stage to get a good shine and reduce the ability for anything to stick to the ram. The final stage is what gives it that mirror like shine and makes it very difficult for anything to stick to it so when its retracted inward the wiper cleans the ram before it can cause damage to the internal seal. A polished used ram will be much better than a new ram as the manufactures dont take the time to level the lathe machine marks before it is thinly chromed.

Built in a clean area. Separate from where they are taken apart and prepped and polished this way no contaminates are present to cause a failure.

These units are self contained units with a integrated valve body and reservoir they could be most compared to a. Transmission and building them in a clean environment free of contaminates is essential for a long life and fewer issues. We Specialize in fixing leak down issues and have the special tooling to bore and polish cylinders and refit for oversized seals. We also have a great knowledge of the internal workings and have the ability to grind and reseat valves to insure a good seal internally.

UPS is the most reliable and we have a UPS Hub next to our shop. Please pack the unit properly so it gets to us in one piece. You do not have to drain the fluid from the unit let us do that and properly dispose of it.

If your unit is leaking everywhere double bag it in trash bags. Durning the spring and summer you can guarantee we are slammed and will need 5 days to properly get your unit rebuilt and turned around to you purely due to high volume. We keep mostly everything we can in stock so parts availability normally is not a issue.

All of our units come with a. We save all your information in our system indefinitely. We stand behind our work %100 that way you have a piece of mind and someone you can count on. Extra parts like Valve Bodies, Manifolds, Electric Motors, Rams, End Caps, Manual Release Valves, etc are not included but we do not upcharge on any additional parts. We also keep hundreds of parts units for this very reason.

As not all parts are available at reasonable prices. We are based in Florida (Salt Water Heaven) and Pulling your unit apart without breaking it is a art all on its own. We are extremely skilled at getting salt water units apart in one piece, so this is not a issue for us. We also have have industrial equipment to help Heat & Drill and Tap broken bolts etc. We do not rattle can units as that causes more issues than it solves cosmetically.

We offer a Sand Blasting and Epoxy coating service where we blast your unit to bare metal and built it back up with a. This process is mostly for. Boat Owners who keep the boat in the water for extended periods of time and are experiencing corrosion problems. This special coating is applied very thick to help fully insulate the unit from any contact with the water then top coated with enamel or Lacquer to match your factory colors.

For basic corrosion protection we recommend Heavy Duty Corrosion Inhibitor Made by CRC this is a very thick and waxy substance that works very well. Our Staff is very knowledgable.

And can answer almost any question outboard related. We are a Full Service Outboard Shop but we specialize in Remanufacturing Trim & Tilt Units and have a very impressive industrial facility tailored to remanufacturing anything outboard related. Volvo Penta Late Style SX-M DPS-M Hydraulic Trim Ram Cylinder" is in sale since Tuesday, September 29, 2020. This item is in the category "eBay Motors\Parts & Accessories\Boat Parts\Sterndrive Motors & Components\Trim & Tilt". The seller is "fivestarmarinesolutions" and is located in Tarpon Springs, Florida.

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  1. Manufacturer Part Number: 3857471 3857470
  2. Brand: Volvo Penta
  3. Warranty: 2 Year Warranty

Rebuild Service! Volvo Penta Late Style SX-M DPS-M Hydraulic Trim Ram Cylinder   Rebuild Service! Volvo Penta Late Style SX-M DPS-M Hydraulic Trim Ram Cylinder